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10 Personal Trainer Secrets

Secrets of the fittest bonus tips: Try a Tip-a-Day Makeover

1. Want Hot Abs?

When doing crunches, exhale during the contraction, act like your blowing through a small straw; you'll I feel the stomach muscles contract more intensely, and stay more focused

2. Don't Watch the Clock

Set the cell phone alarm or kitchen timer, focus on the task at hand, don't let up on the intensity and stay active until the alarms goes off.

3. Keep Your Eye on the Ball

A $1 rubber ball can help you score million-dollar legs. During crunches and other ab moves, holding an 8- to 12-inch ball between your knees or ankles gets your inner thighs and glutes in on the action.

4. Keep a Cheat Sheet

Planning strength workouts ahead can get you out of the gym (and into those skinny jeans) in record time. Use a template, always know what to do next so that you're 'm not wasting time wandering around. "

5. Move to the Beat

Make your music meaningful, pick songs with lyrics that support the goals in your life. Put your favorite song or a new tune at the end of your playlist, like a special treat to keep you exercising until you hear it.

6. Work your bottom

When doing your strength work, start with your lower body. Legs are your largest muscle group, so the moves require more energy than ones for your upper body. Tackle below-the-belt moves when you're fresh to sculpt a better bottom half.

7. Compete

Compete with a stranger, they don't t even have to know it's a contest! Pick a person in the gym who has a killer body or is working hard and make it your goal to do more than she does.

8. Visualize the fabulous

Visualize exactly what you want. Write down what your dream body looks like, the number of pounds you want to drop or post your head on Halle's body on the refriderator door. You'll meet mini milestones and its easier to plan and track with more specifics.

9. Do an ab-athon

Abs can be one of your strongest muscle groups because you use them while sitting and standing. Unfortunately, that means it can take extra effort to tone them. A tighter-tummy trick: Do all of your ab exercises (bicycles, crunches, roll-ups) back-to-back. Workyour abs to the burning point to deliver a smoking-hot mid-section.

10. Give Thanks

Give thanks that you can get off the couch, think about all the things that you are capable of doing. Then put on a smile and your sneakers and get movin'.