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Dr. Ro's Honey Chile Facial

What You'll Need

Products from my Dr. Ro Skincare Therapy Line

Dr. Ro Self Foaming Facial Cleanser (for all skin-types)
Dr. Ro Antioxidant Toner
Dr. Ro Honey-almond scrub
Dr. Ro Phyto-Moisture Complex
¼ cup milk
small mixing bowl
spatula or clean fingers

What You’ll Do

  1. Cleanse face with Self-foaming cleanser
  2. Saturate cotton ball with Antioxidant Toner
  3. Gently apply toner to entire facial and neck area
  4. mix a quarter’s worth of honey almond scrub with ¼ cup milk
  5. mix scrub and milk in small mixing bowl (consistency should be somewhat thick and viscous, not runny).
  6. Apply scrub and milk mixture with spatula or fingers to skin
  7. Gently massage into skin around eye area, forehead, cheeks, chin and décolleté (from neck to above the bust). Let absorb for approx. 15, mins.
  8. Rinse completely and moisturize with Phyto-moisture complex or micro-mineral complex.
Bask in your youthful glow and enjoy!